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Best Electrician Work Boots

Do your work boots take a beating? I know mine do.

Tough environments need a tough pair of boots. So I'm forever on the prowl for the best electrician work boots for long days on the job.

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Best Electrician Tool Bag

Are you looking for the best electrician tool bag to organize and carry a large amount of tools to the job site?

We found one that fits the bill for a tough and spacious bag to carry most of your essential tools - if not all!

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Best Tool Belts for Electricians

Hand tools need a place to live. Enter the tool belt or pouch. Since there will be days a tool belt is strapped to your body for 8+ hours, the best tool belts for electricians have to be high in comfort and durability. You also want the ability to stay organized, having your most needed tools right at your fingertips.

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Electrician Tools: A Master List

Having the proper tools as an electrician is crucial for job success.

That's why we compiled this extensive list of electrician tools:

We have a list for apprentice electrician tools, and a list for journeyman to master electrician tools. 

I think you will find my descriptions of why I use each tool to be really helpful.

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