Best Electrician’s Knife

Best Electrician Knife

A good knife is never far away in the daily life of an electrician. We reviewed the best electrician’s knife on the market today in honor of electricians and for all the knife snobs like us.

Since we strip jackets from Romex, cut back insulation from large conductors, score drywall when necessary, and even open boxes, a decent knife is indispensable in the workday of an electrician.

We also have complete lists of electrician tools for apprentices and journeyman to master electricians.

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The Best Multimeters for Electricians

Best Multimeters Electricians

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Imagine you’re flying down the freeway and you pass a state trooper. What is your first instinct? Most likely to look down at your speedometer to see how fast you’re going.

If you didn’t have an instrument panel, it would be impossible to measure speed. The same is true for measuring current, voltage, and amps, which are things we can’t see. We need a multimeter to measure these things.

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