Best Electrician Tool Bag

Are you looking for the best electrician tool bag to organize and carry a large amount of tools to the job site?

We found one that fits the bill for a tough and spacious bag to carry most of your essential tools - if not all!


In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most popular electrician tool bags currently available on the market - the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag.

We’ll be highlighting its key features, spelling out its advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately assisting you with deciding whether or not this might be the tool bag you’ve been looking for. 

Our Top Pick 

Custom LeatherCraft (1539) 50-Pocket Tool Bag

Quick Look:


  • Fifty individual tool pockets - 50!
  • Spacious center compartment
  • Dual zippered side panels with vertical pockets
  • Boasts 7 exterior pockets
  • External elastic straps for hammers, levels, etc.
  • Durable and rugged poly fabric body
  • Tough double-stitching and heavy-duty zippers
  • Padded handles and shoulder straps


  • Not water resistant (Does have feet to protect from moisture)
  • Heavy when completely filled

Top Features

When compared to most of its competitors, the CLC 1539 Tool Bag has a lot going for it, which helps it shine in its class. Keep reading for a rundown of it's top features.

This Bag is a Monster

With the CLC 1539 you can effortlessly carry all your tools in an organized manner. This generous bag measures in at 18 inches in length, 7 inches wide, and 14 inches high. You'll want one of these in addition to your tool belt.

CLC 1539 50-pockets

Perhaps its most noteworthy feature is the massive center storage space. We like the metal frame that holds open this spacious center compartment, making it easy to see and retrieve any tool you need.

And it's plenty big to accommodate your drill, batteries, charger, impact driver, hammer, and more.

CLC 1539 Metal Frame

Some electricians have boasted of carrying up to 80 pounds worth of tools in this beast and it still holds up.

Since the Custom LeatherCraft 1539 conveniently carries larger items, it eliminates the frustration of having to walk back and forth to your truck 20 times a day.

Let's Talk Pockets

With a whopping total of 50 pockets, storing and accessing your tools when and where you need them is a piece of cake. This tool bag delivers:

  • 36 pockets in outer compartments (18 on each side)
  • Vertical pockets 
  • 7 exterior pockets
  • Elasticized net pockets
  • Elastic loops
  • Outer straps

The wide range of pocket sizes gives a wealth of versatility.  We appreciate the design that keeps each pocket at full capacity even when the pocket in front and behind is in use.

Best Electrician Tool Bag 50 pockets

This CLC 1539 comes with vertical pockets to keep tools in view, sports a measuring clip, and a large carabiner.

Storage Success - Thanks to 2 Side Compartments 

This well-thought out tool bag has two side compartments that zip closed to secure your tools. You don't have to worry about leaving something behind, or being an easy target for theft. 

CLC 1539 Tape Clip and zipped compartments

An added bonus is the ability to segregate your tools into two categories.

Each side compartment boasts 18 pockets each, so for example, you could separate your tools into most-used and lesser-used groups. You'll want to evenly distribute weight between the side pouches so the bag doesn't lean to one side.

Electrician Tip

Remember to evenly distribute weight between the two side compartments. Unless you want your tool bag leaning to one side.

We like the addition of a large carabiner and tape clip, which makes the bag even more functional and practical.

Zippered mesh pouches, sleeves and pockets fill both side compartments to ensure close to perfect tool organization. 

We don't want to lose any tools, and these side hinges do a good job of keeping the flap from falling too far. 

CLC 1539 hinges

Outer straps on the back compartment we consider a bonus. Since there is elasticity to them, you can conveniently carry your level or hammer for easy access.

CLC 1539 Outer Elasticized Straps

Construction and Durability

Straight off the bat, we could tell that the CLC 1539 has been designed with durability and ruggedness in mind. It’s manufactured with heavy duty polymer materials, which means that it’ll probably last you years to come.

To add even more piece of mind to the deal, CLC has doubled the zippers (for more secure storage), and they’ve padded the shoulder straps, for added user comfort.

With its sturdy and reliable construction, we believe this bag can take a beating and still keep on performing.

The beefy design minimizes the risk of straps coming loose, zippers breaking, or your tool bag embarrassingly dropping all of your tools to the ground.

CLC 1539 Construction

When it comes to the CLC 1539 tool bag, durability gets a whole new meaning. With its rugged design, sturdy polymer ballistic trim and binding, and the heavy-duty zippers, we calculate that this bag passes the durability test, hands down.

Ease of use

According to the tons of reviews and positive feedback this bag has received online, the Custom Leather Craft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag is super easy to use and very comfortable as well.

Organizing your tools into the bag is effortless thanks to the abundance of compartments.

With the addition of padding on the shoulder straps and the handle, carrying this bag should be comfortable.

Evaluating the Value 

We don’t think that you’ll find much better value for your money out there. Sure, there are cheaper tool bags on the market, but they’re not nearly as sturdy or as roomy as the CLC 1539.  

It’s rather hard to imagine that this bag can be as durable and reliable as it is, for one in the mid-priced range.

Is There any Room for Improvement?

Honestly, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about this tool bag from Custom Leather Craft. This bag has been cleverly designed to fill all need that a tradesperson might need while he’s working. 

The only real issue we could find with this bag was the fact that it can get quite heavy when filled to maximum capacity. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker unless you’re carrying a ton of heavyweight power tools along with you to all your job sites.

The Bottom Line

We love the Custom Leather Craft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag because it brings you all the comfort and convenience of being able to carry your essential tools with you to the job site, without compromising on durability or breaking the bank.

Due to it's rugged design, sturdy polymer ballistic trim and binding, and the heavy-duty zippers, we reckon that this bag passes the durability test, hands down.

 Top Pick

Custom LeatherCraft (1539) 50 Pocket Tool Bag

Have access to all your tools in one place. Ruggedly built with heavy-duty poly fabric. Fifty pockets to keep tools neatly organized. Center pocket holds drills and larger hand tools. Double zippered top closure keeps tools secure. Comes with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap.

Just like the rest of CLC’s line of tool bags, the 1539 features more than enough double-stitching and reinforced stress points.

With its closed design, 50 pockets, and more than enough space for all your power and hand tools, it won't be easy to run out of space.  

Because it’s so roomy and functional, we calculate that the CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment Tool Bag might be the ideal fit for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and installers.

We have a sneaking suspicion that it could easily see you through a good portion of your career as a skilled tradesman.

If asked whether or not we’d recommend this product to electricians or electrical apprentices out there, the answer would be a solid YES.

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