Must-Have Electrician Skills

Do you want a career as an electrician? Listed below are some must-have electrician skills to be successful.

You’ll spend 4-5 years as an electrician apprentice, so don’t become overwhelmed looking at this list. You will definitely grow in your skillset during your apprenticeship!

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Best Electrician Work Boots

Do your work boots take a beating? I know mine do.

Tough environments need a tough pair of boots. So I'm forever on the prowl for the best electrician work boots for long days on the job.

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Best Electrician Tool Bag

Are you looking for the best electrician tool bag to organize and carry a large amount of tools to the job site?

We found one that fits the bill for a tough and spacious bag to carry most of your essential tools - if not all!

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What is The National Electrical Code?

If you hang around electricians long enough, especially if you're an apprentice electrician, then you've probably heard about the National Electrical Code (NEC). 

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is and why electricians learn this code on their way to becoming a licensed electrician.

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Best Gifts for Electricians

Choosing the right gift can be tough. We've compiled our guide of best gifts for electricians to help you in your quest for just the right one.

Our roundup of electrician gift ideas are good for Christmas, Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Retirement, or just because.

Keep in mind personality and interests. Not everyone appreciates tools of the trade as a gift. On the other hand, tools can be a thoughtful gesture for some since they do wear out and may get lost.

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How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician?

Are you considering career choices and want to know how hard it is to become an electrician? It’s a valid question and we break down the answer to help you make a wise decision.

The good news is that an electrician career has staying power. As long as we are dependent on electricity, there will be a demand for electricians. To put it into perspective, most kitchens today consume more power than an entire home in the 1950’s. We're not shy about using power.

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3-Way Light Switch Basics

Three way light switches can be confusing, right? Watch our video tutorial that explains exactly how a 3-way light switch works. Once you understand the basics it's not that difficult to wire or troubleshoot your own 3-way switch.

Three-way switches allow you to operate a light, or device such as a ceiling fan, from two different locations. That's why a 3-way circuit always involves two 3-way switches.

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Best Tool Belts for Electricians

Hand tools need a place to live. Enter the tool belt or pouch. Since there will be days a tool belt is strapped to your body for 8+ hours, the best tool belts for electricians have to be high in comfort and durability. You also want the ability to stay organized, having your most needed tools right at your fingertips.

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How I Survived my First Year as an Electrician Apprentice

While my first year as an electrician apprentice will not be your experience, I did find out quickly that apprentices live at the bottom.  

First year electrician apprentice

I'm thinking I had this look on my face a lot that first year.

If you feel like you have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, you're not alone. Apprentices are known to bear the brunt of menial tasks, and going through a trial by fire.

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