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If you want to plunge into a career in the electrical field and you’re frustrated by all the confusing information out there, then I’ll help you get the clear step-by-step instructions you need.

And seriously, I won’t beat around the bush with useless mumbo jumbo.

This is What You Can Expect

  • Advice on becoming an electrician
  • Jam-packed guides to the top 3 apprenticeships
  • Study and test-taking tips to pass the journeyman’s exam
  • Best tool guide for apprentice through journeyman electricians
  • My personal story as a first year electrician apprentice

Electrician Apprenticeship Guide

Dig into my Ultimate Guide about How to Become an Electrician. This is for anyone interested in joining the electrical field. You will find thorough advise about starting a career with the fascinating and powerful force of electricity. Check out our salary charts as well.

Kick off with my electrician’s tool guide to find essential tools for an apprentice electrician and beyond.

My Story

The idea of being an electrician never entered my mind growing up in the ’70s and ’80s in Michigan.

When it came to projects around the house, my older brother did all the “big boy stuff”. Cutting! Sawing! Nailing!

It seems I was too young to be helpful.

This Really Happened:

When I was about 7 years old, Dad was building a storage area in our backroom. I was as happy as a pickle on a ham sandwich when I was allowed to nail up the paneling (told you it was the 70’s)!

Happy, that is, until Dad started all the nails for me before handing over the hammer. Talk about a buzzkill!

Dad went on to become my electrical mentor and taught me everything I know. Everyone who meets him loves him. I am blessed.

Becoming a Wire Nut

If you read my story above, it may surprise you that after high school I was a maintenance supervisor.

Plumbing, heating, and electrical all of a sudden became my problem. I spent time installing, replacing, and repairing all manner of things.

Having little experience meant learning on the job.

I remember gazing at a lightbulb in a garage that was operated by a pull chain.

I wanted a wall switch to operate it. But how?

I stared at it for the longest time until I grasped how to make that happen.

I ran the wire and installed that switch. I’ll never forget the buzz I felt when I flipped that switch and the thing worked!

To this day I confess, I get a little kick out of hitting that switch for the first time and seeing the results of my work.

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A Dream

My Dad worked for DTE (Detroit Edison Electrical) his entire career, and was the one I called when troubleshooting some bizarre electrical problem. He was always available to talk me through things and very often we got to the bottom of it together.

In fact, a dream of mine became working with my Dad in the electrical field.

That dream became true when my Dad retired from DTE to start his own electrical contracting business.

Before I knew it, I was a first-year electrical apprentice.

My Mission Here

I want to help you succeed in the electrical field and develop the skills needed to be your best.

If there is a topic you are interested in learning, or if you have a question related to the electrical field, drop me a quick email at steve@asktheelectricalguy.com. I will consider it for future articles.